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Little genius operates as corporate day care
  • April 01
  • Chythanya .V
  • Headmistress

How will my child be away from home? Will my child be safe at a new place? Will my child be able to stay at school without parent by her side?

These are a few questions every parent will have before sending the child to school for the first time. At Little Genius we understand the concern of every parent and we assure the child gets a motherly care from our teachers and care takers. To the child leaving home for the first time, to stay at a new place even if it is for few hours is an achievement in itself. We make the child achieve this by providing home away from home experience within a child friendly and safe environment. Child loves to play and interact with other children and teachers become their favorite within no time. At Little Genius we understand the child’s developmental needs in formative age. We provide activities which help them in their development. These activities are aimed to develop the child physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially there by providing a holistic development of the child.